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Spring into Action

Hallelujah! Spring is finally here!  Winter is by far my least favorite time of the year.  Nothing bring me more happiness then to see the end of cold weather and short days then the arrival of spring.  Here are some of my favorite Spring things.  Play along in the comments section!

Daylight Savings Time:  Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? Switching back and forth from it.   It really messes with kids too.  This year my daughter slept an extra hour, but in the past she has been up an hour earlier.  It also stinks to work all day at a job and come home in the dark. Lets take a national vote on this and be done with it!

Warmer Weather:  I love the predictableness of warm weather, I also like it really hot.  I can really take it until it is about 100 then I get a little uncomfortable.  But I love that feeling of being engulfed in warmth when you walk outside.  Even if it is really really hot, which it gets really really hot in Texas.

The Redbuds in bloom:  Several years ago we planted a redbud tree in our back yard in remembrance of someone who passed away, someone special and dear to me.  Every year I look forward to it blooming for I know Spring is about to begin.  If we ever move I will have to plant another one because I love it so much.  Sadly, they have finished blooming for the year and we will have to wait till next year, but I look forward to it as the first sign of spring every year.

Rosebud baby

Me with my little bean 2013


Wildflowers:  Nothing is more fun then taking pictures in widflowers, especially the bluebonnets .  They can be breathtaking.  Central Texas, thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, has some beautiful highways in the spring.  It is sort of a Texas tradition to pull over on the side of the busy highway and take pictures with your kids in the bluebonnets.  Dangerous and scary as it is, everyone does it…be safe out there people!  I know of a safe spot though and I can’t wait to take my daughter out there this year for some pictures.   Here is a picture from two years ago that a good friend of mine took.  I am no where near the photographer she is.



The blue ones are Bluebonnets and the red ones are called Indian Paintbrushes

Easter: Nothing trumpets the arrival of spring quiet like Easter.  This year I bought my daughter an Easter dress and little shoes and I can’t wait for her to wear them to church.  We have also been invited to an Easter egg hunt this year on the Saturday before Easter and I am really looking forward to it as well.  In the past it has been so much fun to watch Eva hunt for eggs and I am thrilled to be doing it again.  And considering how excited my daughter was about Santa, I am also really excited for the Easter bunny to pass by our house.

easter dress


Spring Cleaning:  Yes, I am a big goober. Though I don’t really enjoy it at the time, I always feel better when the house is top notch clean.  I usually make a list of all the really messy and dirty things that need to get done.  On the agenda for this year: ceiling fans, baseboards and my closet.  I was supposed to have cleaned my closet out forever ago, but it just didn’t happen.  I’ve really got to go in the closet and find out what fits and donate the rest.

SXSW:  I’m not going this year (Boo!) but it is still fun to be even a small part of such a massive festival in your hometown.  There is such an electricity in the air during this time.  In the past we have gone and had so much fun, times to remember for always.  It is such a huge festival that engulfs half of the city.  I don’t know how many bands are playing this year, maybe a bazillion, but it is always overwhelming and so much fun to go to. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music.  Next year, my friends, next year.

T-Shirts and Flip-Flops:  It’s the little things y’all, the little things.  I hate wearing big bulky clothes in the wintertime like coats and sweaters.  I love t-shirts and anything comfy.  Flip-flop season also means toes nail polish.  I need a professional pedi so bad, but it will have to wait a while.  However, I am a big believer in  a girl keeping up her toes if she is showing them off.  So I gladly pull out the toenail polish and scrubbing boards.

Pool Time:  Having a pool isn’t always fun.  Half of the year you just look out the window longingly at at it.  The other half of the year you get to enjoy it, well you do have to clean it more in the warmer months.  Soon it will be summer, but sometimes we can swim in the spring.  I am really looking forward to some outside fun in the sun days with my little family.


What are you looking forward to this Spring?

What I’m Thankful For Thursday Part 1

I am really into gratitude and the power of positive thinking.  I have read several books and countless articles (here is one)on the topic and I really believe it is all mindset.  My problem is I am by nature a Debbie Downer. It comes with the territory.

So, I have to force myself to be positive and sometimes, it feels a little forced.  Every book I have read on the subject says you have to fake it till you make it a real habit.  This is why I am starting Thankful Thursdays, to get myself in “the attitude of gratitude” <—The Secret anyone?  So everyday I have jotted down something I am thankful for.  Here is a short list of things I am grateful for this week:

  • Family time… at Sweet Berry Farms!….Who knew a pumpkin patch could be so much fun!


  • The Waco Zoo…we went on the spur of the moment and it was so nice!  Full of surprises and fun family memories.


  • Good Health….I’ve had some bad health issues in my family. Nothing makes you appreciate your health more than being sick, so I am thankful that my immediate family is as healthy as can be right now.


  • Good Friends Old And New…That bring surprises and love


  • Lady Bird Lake /Town Lake 4.2…I did it!  Walking a huge chunk of Lady Bird Lake/Town Lake was actually an item on my bucket list for Austin and I am so glad I got to walk  that with my friend and daughter in tow.  It was so beautiful and it made me fall in love with Austin all over again.


town lake



  • The Trailer Park…OMG go to Torchy’s Tacos and get a Trailer Park taco.  You can thank me later.  So good!


  • That Paco Lopez Had A Home.  So, the other day while my friend and I were walking Lady Bird/Town Lake we found a dog and his name was Paco Lopez.  he was wandering around in a more residential part of the trail.  We texted the number on the collar and they texted us back that Paco Lopez was indeed lost.  We tried to keep an eye on the dog, but somehow or another we lost the dog while doing all of this texting.  My friend, went looking for him close in to the residential homes. Eventually one of the neighbors, a Hispanic man with a thick Spanish accent, came out of his house wondering what she was doing?  We eventually understood him to say that Paco lived at the next door neighbors house. So Paco Lopez wasn’t lost, but home.  Horary!


  • That My Hair Is NOT GRAY Anymore….Thanks friend!  Never dyed hair that early in the morning before and amazingly enough we didn’t get it on anything except my favorite pair of shorts.


No More Grays

  • For Anita…who started THE CHALLENGE.  I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I am watching what I eat and doing more exercise.  For me it is really going to be baby steps


  • For Chef Paul Prudhomme…May God Bless his Soul!  We will forever love the food  he blessed us with!  Check out these touching photos from his funeral and second line.


  • For My Friend Taking Me To See… Bob Schneider, an Austin legend at the Saxon Pub…also another Austin bucket list item.  He was amazing!  Go see Bob if he comes to your town.  I have one of his songs jammed in my head right now and I am thinking about downloading it on itunes  <—-y’all that is serious!


  • Vacation Days…My husband is on vacation right now and it is really good to spend a lot of quality family time together.  He is also knocking some household projects out of the park and off of my honey do list!  Thank gawd!   Today is his final day off and we went for a hike this morning at Walnut Creek Park.

Walnut Creek Park Saints

Look at us SPORTING our Saints gear on game day. Geaux Saints!!!!

What is something you are thankful for today?  Play along in the comment section.

I am thankful the Saints are playing a prime time game and we get to watch them on TV while sporting our Saints gear!

Sweet Berry Farms

This weekend we made a run for  hill country and headed to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. We actually got out of the house for 9:40AM, a house record (HR)! The drive was gorgeous and entertaining and took a little over an hour.  I enjoyed the conversation we had on the way up to the farm.  The Artist is my favorite person to talk to.

We got there around 11AM and were shocked to see the parking lot nearly full.  After being directed to a parking spot, we got out the car and walked up to the front of Sweet Berry Farms.  Everything is a la cart at Sweet Berry Farms, so whatever you want to do you pay for it separately. They use a cash or check only system so the place has a family friendly financial feeling too it, makes it more nostalgic.  Since Be Be is still young we opted to just do a few things like the corn maze, feeding the goats, and the berry jump.

Of course there were lots of photo opportunities.  I will apologize now that this post is a bit heavy on the photos, but look at the cuteness!

Eva Pumpkins 2015

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Pumpkins II

When we first got there we ate lunch at the picnic tables.  I showed enormous foresight and packed up some sandwiches, chips and snacks for the occasion.  I even remembered water for everyone, but forgot paper towels.   This was Be Be’s first time eating a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly) she ate about half of it so, I will call that a win.  Then we walked around and took some more photos of cuteness.  The grounds are really set up for photos and stand up cut out photo opportunities are everywhere.

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Cut Out

Daddy had to hold her up

Eva Pumpkin 2015Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Me n cut out

Cutest pumpkin ever

The Artist wanted to do the corn maze and kids 3 and under are free so we did that at $2.50 per person plus tax.  It was the children’s maze that we went through.  Apparently, there is also an adult maze that takes 45 min or longer to complete, it is called, the Texas maze.  But like I said  we went with the kids maze and it was quite challenging.  The kids maze was perfect for Be Be and she loved running around in the corn field telling us which way to go.

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Corn Maze

I know! shorts in Mid October.  Ah the Life!

After that Be Be wanted to do the Berry Bounce.  It is some sort of aired up trampoline that the kids bounce on.  It is pretty cool.  Be Be didn’t really jump, she sat down and got bounced and she loved it.

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Berry Bounce

When the worker called “Times up”  all of the children got off of the Berry Bounce…except mine.  She refused to come off and was out there all by herself where I called and called to her from the sidelines.  Finally, I realized I would have to go and get her so I made my way towards her.  As I started to walk across the Berry Bounce, she took off running and I had to chase her all over both Berry Bounces.  When I finally caught her, she was laughing so hard she was snorting.  It was hysterical!

On our way out of Sweet Berry Farms, we stopped off to feed the goats.  She loved having the goats lick her hands.  And I got to say, these were some very tame goats.

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Goats

On the way back to the car, Be Be fell in the dirt and skinned her elbow.  It made me sad to see her cry and be in pain.  We then headed home and talked in the car about making this a new fall family adventure.  It definitely was worth the drive out there.

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Family Photo

Family Photo!

Sweet Berry Farms 2015 Eva Passed Out

Mission Accomplished!

Totals for the day:

Gas $10

Berry Bounce $2.50

Corn Maze $5.00

Goat Food $.25

Picnic Food $10

Total for the day $27.75

How about you?  Do you have any Fall Family traditions?  Ever been to a pumpkin patch?