I Can’t Call It Baby Weight Anymore

I had my daughter in 2012 and dropped all of the pregnancy weight pretty fast thanks to breastfeeding.  It was effortless and the weight just melted off of my body.  Fast forward FOUR years and I have surpassed my pregnancy weight and I’m not pregnant all thanks to: not moving, eating late at night, not watching what I ate and just plain not caring.

I’m no stranger to weight loss either.  A bout a year and a half ago I got into a weight loss bet with some women on the internet and even posted about it here.  But a week into it everyone stopped participating including me.  What I learned is that money does not motivate me and that I get discouraged fast.

I’ve kidded myself long enough.  I’ve made enough excuses (and I’ve got some good one’s) for far too long! I’ve tearfully watched the scale creep up and up and up for 4 years now only to excuse the numbers away out of existence.  I talk about it all the time with my husband and I have even talked about it with my good girlfriends and still not taken action.  I’ve gained OVER 30 pounds in 4 years, but the time has come!

First off a list of my infamous excuses and my attempt at some counter-excuses:

  1. I have No time – well I really don’t but if so many other bloggers can get up at 4:30 in the morning than by golly so can I!
  2. I have nothing to wear- this is actually true.  I don’t even have a sports bra or sneakers to work out with so it is going to be expensive to get started, but we are just going to have to put some clothing expenses in the budget.
  3. I need music- another thing I am lacking is work out music or an I pod.  I used to have a Nano, but that thing was a piece of crap and quit working long ago.  I think I can work out for a little while with out one, but eventually it is going to have to happen.  Maybe I will buy a used I pod or something.  Suggestions are welcome.
  4. I have no place to work out- I can not do some exercise videos at my house especially when it is going to be like 5 AM in the morning; I live in an old creaky house and I don’t want to wake everybody.  Also, I don’t have the discipline to work out at home to videos.  I need a place that can motivate me; it doesn’t have to be the fanciest place on the planet, but I need something that is going to motivate me to get up at 4:30 AM and go work out.  It must also be in a safe neighborhood again, I will be going under a cloak of darkness.  I kind of want an all female gym as well.  I also want something that has classes because I do well in that sort of environment. It isn’t going to be cheap that is for sure another thing that we will have to add to the budget.
  5. I don’t know how to work out- Can someone tell me what the hell a Burpee is, please?  I haven’t a clue in this department.  Form has never been my thing and I know that if you don’t have proper form you might as well have not worked out. So I need some help in this department…enter classes with instructors.
  6. I have no idea how to eat right- Not really true, since I read a lot of blogs on eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.  I will admit I have no portion control anymore and that is my problem.  And the first step in any recovery is admittance, right?  Baby steps?
  7. I have no desire to run- this is very true.  I attempted to run recently and it was pathetic.  I’m getting older and need to take better care of myself for me and my family.  But I have never liked to run.  I need to find classes like Body Pump and things I like to do. 
  8. I’ll start tomorrow or after _______<–insert holiday or special occasion.  I don’t think I am the only one here who uses this gem.  It is always so big even that allows me to justify not eating well and not exercising.  The big one right now is Mardi Gras, I mean they don’t call it Fat Tuesday for nothing right?  And I did not move back to Louisiana not to eat like 7 King Cakes this season right?  No, I seriously have had 7 cakes since Carnival Season began.  They were delicious!   All of them!

I have more excuses, but these are the Krispy dela Kreme  of the dilemmas!

Then there are the clothes that  I  “can still wear” and the clothes I “used to wear”.  In my head, I can still wear that backless red shirt with the green butterflies on it so I won’t throw it away, but in reality I can’t even pull it over my fat roll, let alone let my back hang out. So why am I hanging on to it?Instead of wearing the red backless shirt, I put on the biggest frumpiest black flowiest shirt I have (and even that is getting snug on me now).

And don’t even get me started on the 3 pairs of pants I can still  wear. I am now regimented to 3 pairs of pants and I am praying no one has noticed.   Also, my pants no longer sit at my waist anymore, they roll down in the front even if I wear a belt.

I thought about posting my starting weight and all of my measurements to really hold myself accountable, maybe when I’m done. I am just to ashamed of where I’m at and how I have gotten here.  In my head I am still skinny.  I think of myself as a young thin girl and then I pass a mirror and I’m like “Who is that? And How did she get in my house?”  Seriously, I am in shock that this has happened to me.

So I start my weight loss journey today with nothing except sheer will to start a new chapter in my life.  To put into practice all of these healthy living habits I have learned by finally eating right, not eating after eight o’clock and to cut back on carbs that I so over indulge in. To begin as soon as financially  possible working out at a gym.  To buy some cute work-out clothes that can help motivate me.  To use MyFitnessPal to track my calories and exercise each day, though I admit this will be extremely difficult for me to keep up because I typically run from meal to meal without even realizing I just put food in my mouth let alone the calories I just dumped into my body.

Above all, I am calling today the line in the sand and I refuse to not be motivated any longer. Starting today I am going to move my body, wake up early, watch and track what I eat and take a few baby steps forward in my journey because I just can’t call it baby weight anymore, I just can’t.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Call It Baby Weight Anymore”

  1. Hey friend – I’m damn proud of you! Sheer will, a fire in the ole belly, a dash of persistence, and some patience is all you need to get started. (and some workout clothes and sneakers)
    I have a few suggestions:
    First, go easy on yourself! We’ve all gotten to that place, at some point, where our glutenous ways have suddenly caught up with us. It’s a hard realization, but once accepted, there’s no turning back. So, now stop punishing yourself and simply get to work!
    I do feel like having the right fit for workout clothes is important. You don’t have to spend a small fortune either, girl. My go to for that stuff is Ross, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx; They generally have pretty reasonable, if not cheap, prices and decent quality. Also, don’t buy everything at once. Buy two pairs of gym pants, a sports bra, and some sneakers. Test out different brands and see what you like. DON’T buy simply cotton (legging) material as this will lead to very noticeable p***y sweat, and that’s just not as sexy as it sounds. (I usually wear old t-shirts, but that’s just me.)
    Until you find a gym that meets your needs, start small by getting up and doing manageable exercises. (25 squats, 10 push-ups from a knee position, chair dips, spidermans and supermans….) All of these are relatively noise free and easily accessible on youtube. (This will get you into a habit of getting up and help you establish a routine.)
    Eating is a big factor – for me, anyways. You don’t need to count calories or anything like that…. I do think having a food log at first is helpful because it allows you to actually see what you are eating. Write. Down. Everything! (Just get a notebook and keep it on you so it’s convenient.) Eat less complex carbs and incorporate more veggies. Maybe switch out white rice for brown, or quinoa. Eat more protein – Lean protein like chicken or flank steak are my go-to’s. Meal prep. It sucks, but if you have healthier options available, it’s easier to stay on track.

    Above all else, remember that this is a journey and very often, a lifestyle change. Big changes won’t happen overnight, but little changes will happen everyday. AT first, you may notice that you have more energy, or the squats you’re doing today are easier than they were yesterday; bigger gains in your goals will come more easily as time passes, so be persistent, be determined and you’ve got this!

    Love you,

    1. Thanks for the fashion help, I will def give Ross and TJ Max a try! Have no idea what a superman or spiderman is, but I guess I’m about to find out. Above all thank you for your kind words and friendship!

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