The Waco Zoo

On a lark, we decided to head out of town this morning…early, tossing caution and grocery shopping to the wind.  Errands BE DAMNED!!!!!By early I mean about 10:30; you know it is hard to get toddlers moving in the morning.  We headed North on I35 to the Waco Zoo with Be Be and some snacks.  It took about and hour and a half to drive from Austin to Waco.  There was construction half of the way which really sucked to drive through.

This past Mardi Gras, we took Be Be to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, at the time, she was about 2 years and 4 months old.  I am pretty sure that she remembers nothing of it save maybe the beautiful pink flamingos we saw at the entrance.  And that is only because we remind her about it, so I’m not really sure she she actually remembers it or we are just forcing the memory.

We listened to the audiobook : The Millionaire Next Door on the way up to Waco.  I’ll have to do a whole review on that one at another time. but the jest of it is that the richest percentage of American millionaires live frugally  (well below their means).   They never buy new cars, and a lot of them are entrepreneurs. More to come on this audiobook review later.  Anyway, then we stopped and had Chipotle for lunch which was a treat for us frugal people, but ended up not being worth it.  Our bowls were small, not how we had remembered Chipotle to be.  Boo!

When we got to the zoo it was $10 per person kids 3 and under free which is not what their web site said admission was.  The web site said $9 per person, child free.


Waco Zoo Entrance



We walked through the gates and found the first two exhibits to be seemingly  empty or at least we could not locate the animals.  Going into it, my expectations for the Waco Zoo were not that high.  Then we turned a corner in the zoo and I saw some bald eagles.  I thought to myself “I don’t think I have ever seen a bald eagle before, our nation’s bird.” and right then and there I was impressed with the zoo.

After that we were put on a path that meandered around and around through a maze of animal habitats and exhibits.  Some of the highlights for me were:  of course the bald eagles, an anaconda, the giraffes, and a rhino.  I was really blown away by the size and the lay out of the zoo plus they had a large variety of animals.  The grounds were gorgeous and all of the exhibits were well thought out and had a natural flow.  For instance, the reptile exhibits was immersive.   You went into what felt to me were like caves and each habitat flowed into the next.  Each snake had its own little room.  There were also several bird aviaries and large spaces for the big cats to sun bathe in.

Waco Zoo Me and Eva

Watching Be Be was the best part of the zoo! Be Be loved the zoo!! She is about to turn 3 so it was right up her ally.  She ran from exhibit to exhibit saying “I want to see more animals!”   I thought she would be blown away by the size of the elephants, but she wasn’t.  When asked at the end of the day what was her favorite part of the zoo was?  She says “The monkey”.  And indeed he was impressive! He blew me away as well.  He laid in the glass window with his eyes facing out to the crowd, right at Be Be’s eye level.  His eyes were so telling and sad.  He looked so human and so frail in that moment.  Be Be said it was because he needed a friend.  Her words touched my heart.


It was so wonderful to get out of town and enjoy some family time on such a beautiful day.  It was even more wonderful to create some family memories.


Waco Zoo the Artist and Eva

Totals for the day: $56.01

Gas $10

Admission $20

Lunch $22.00

Coffee way back (essential)$4.01

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