Why I Write



One of my favorite bloggers, The Bloggess, recently wrote an article entitled: “The Answer to the Question “Is Blogging Dead?” “ and it really struck a chord with me, not only for her abundant use of the word butthole, but also because of the way she writes about writing.  It is with a passion and a furiousness.

She goes on to say that writers write because they have to write.  I watch the artist in the same way.  He paints because he has to paint.  It is in him and he must get it out.

I quit writing a long time ago because someone had some negative things to say about what I wrote.  I remember she called it “less than fresh”.  It hurt so bad that I quit my first blog and I had worked very hard on it.  It was my baby.  I also quit because I have a spelling deficiency.  I spell some of the same words wrong all the time.  I also spell really easy words incorrectly and have no problem with really hard words, it is weird.  But having this spelling deficiency, as I like to call it, has really messed with my confidence.

But as time went on, I got the itch again.  I did not know what I was going to write about, but I needed to write. I couldn’t get the itch out of my head.  I sent really long thank you letters.  I wrote in my journal.  I fantasized about writing.  I read articles about writing. I dreamed about writing.

Finally, I came back and started a whole new blog, one that I could be proud of again.  It isn’t perfect.  I wish I had pictures and other fancy plug ins, but it is me and I am proud to put my name on it and call it mine.  It is my work in progress, misspelling’s and all.

In short, I too write because I must write.  It is a passion within me, a flame, a burning desire to let loose on the page, no matter where my thoughts take me. No matter how much I try to deny this passion within me. Yes, I filter some, but I hope that you can see the real me who is just a person  trying to get her soul out and share it with whomever wants to read this.