When You Lose a Momma



Since I have been a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), I’ve made a few mom friends.  One of my favorite new mom friends  I met at Storytime has  a little girl around my daughter’s age (2 3/4).  We have become good friends and enjoy an occasional play date.  Sometime we go swimming, or hiking when the weather is palatable. We’ve been to the Children’s Museum and the climbing gym and other places like that.  Its fun to see the girls grow a friendship and to have another mother to chat with about mom things.

Last week at Storytime,  my new friend announced that she landed a full time job and will be going back to work in two weeks.  I am happy that she got the job she wanted, but sad over the loss of friendship that we have and that our children have begun to grow.  Our girls will quickly forget each other for they forget things fast at this age, but I won’t forget my friend and I am sad.  I am sad because I am losing my tribe of stay at home mommas;  I’ve already lost some others to the working world.  My tribe has become very small now and it makes me feel very alone.

She mentioned something about a Saturday play date, but I know how it is on the weekends; I haven’t forgotten from when I was a working mom. The weekends are all that you have got when you are a working mom.  All the time you have to go grocery shopping and clean the house and plan for the next week.  Weekends are all the time you have to share with your kids and husband.  When you work you have to cram all of that into just two short exhausting days and friends tend to fall by the wayside.

I am sad my daughter has lost her friend. It is harder than you think to make friends for 2 year olds.  Just because kids are the same age that doesn’t make them the same speed.   And just because they are the same age doesn’t make them necessarily compatible if they are at different stages in development.

Truth be told this has also stirred up feelings and thoughts of my own time ending as a SAHM.  I know the day is coming soon and I too will have to leave my child in the hands of daycare workers and head back to the working woman’s world of long days and short weekends.  Days when I see my child very little and spend more time with  co-workers than my own family.  I will have to go back to professional attire and wearing a bra all day.

I am just sad to lose a fellow SAHM and friend and I guess it is making me examine my own mortality as a SAHM.  What will the next chapter of my life be like?  What will BB and I do all week long with no play dates?  Who will I commiserate with about mom stuff?

What about you?  Have you ever lost a momma friend?  What did you do to cheer yourself up?


Today, I started my blog so I am also going to chronicle my weight loss journey as well.

Starting weight: 158lbs (Pictures coming soon, camera is broken)

Goal Weight: 135lbs (pre baby weight)

Activity:  Aside from general housework, I also walked the neighborhood while pushing a stroller for 39 min.  Not bad

Tomorrow, I will start counting calories using My Fitness Pal App on my phone, which concerns me as I am not crazy about how logging how much I eat.  Cajuns eat a lot of rice and beans.

Update:  I haven’t started counting my calories….yet.  Who wants to do that?

Hello world!

Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere! I hope that you like it here and find it interesting.  I am a Cajun girl uprooted to Austin, Texas.  Aside from being a proud Cajun (hence the GEAUX) I am a wife and mother.  My husband has a day job but is also an artist and my daughter (BB) is an active 2.5 year old girl. I am a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) and we live very modestly on a tight budget with a very frugal lifestyle and common goals.  I am also trying to drop some pounds that I have gained during my stint as a stay as a SAHM and hope to use this as an accountability partner.  This blog is about being a Cajun SAHM,  living an active and healthy lifestyle on a budget while trying to find some extra income.  Ideas are welcome.